BlingSting: So Cute, It Hurts

BlingSting: So Cute, It Hurts

July 27, 2017


BlingSting is fiercely feminine and turns a weapon into a fashion statement. Company owner, Andi, ran into a problem that many other women do—her father wanted her to carry a pepper spray dispenser keychain for self-defense, but she hated the way the ugly packaging looked on her purse/wallet. One Christmas, she and her mom took rhinestone tape and a stapler with one goal in mind: make their pepper spray cute enough to carry. That’s what sparked Andi’s business that makes self-defense items and tools, like the Glammer, more attractive and fun for women.

Even though the company began with one little homemade rhinestoned pepper spray, Andi says that her hope for BlingSting is much larger and that “by carrying a BlingSting, you or the special girls in your life start to look at personal safety in a new way. No more walking home alone late at night. No more jogging in the dark, or parking the car in a dimly-lit, isolated area. Making good decisions and being accountable for our whereabouts come first, BlingSting comes second.” The company has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and on the Today Show. 



Although you can’t carry a pepper spray into a football or sports stadium, we still believe that it’s important for every tailgate queen to be prepared to defend herself! Keep one of these keychain pepper sprays in your car to attach back onto your stadium-approved clear bag when you go from the stadium to a fun victory celebration with your fellow fans.



Don’t think you’re savvy enough to wield a spray? Try one of BlingSting’s alarm keychains! It emits a high-pitched siren that will scare off anyone. It’s perfect for you if you live in a state where pepper spray isn’t allowed, are under the age of 18, or have a young child who could attach it to their backpack for their walk to and from school. You can also take this one into the game!


Some other products from BlingSting you should check out are their escape hammer “Glammer,” their cute first aid kit, or, if you’re really into self-defense, their stun gun.


A huge thank you to BlingSting for the fun pepper spray they sent us! Check out their website here

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---Katy Roark 

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